Topeak MTX Trunk Bag DXP TT9635B

I own four Topeak MTX Trunk Bags and I love them. I have been using Topeak bags for eleven years and they are great for everyday use. I have used them for commuting, touring and grocery shopping. They are durable and with Topeaks MTX system, they are easy to remove as needed. When I get to work, I just slide the bag with my lunch in it out of the rack and take it to the break room with me.

OKI's Bike Route Guide

The Bike Route Guide was prepared by the Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Regional Council of Governments with assistance from the Cincinnati Department of Transportation and Engineering, members of Queen City Bike, the Cincinnati Cycle Club and many areabicyclists.

Solarstorm Bicycle Light 12000LM CRED XM-L LED Bike Bicycle HeadLight Flashlight

Bicycle headlight

This is without a doubt the best bicycle headlight for the money. At 12000 lumen, it is as bright as a car headlight.

The down side to it is that on full brightness, it last about a hour and half. Also the mount that it comes with allows it to move fairly easily when you hit a hard bump.

The up side is that I see well enough with it to see in any weather and be seen as well. They have three brightness modes and a flash mode. They work as well as the three Cygolites that I have owned. Just the batteries do not last as long and they do not have as many flash modes.

Digest of Ohio Bicycle Traffic Laws

Ohio Bicycle Federation
If you're going to ride on the roads, you need to know the laws. Following the rules of the road helps to keep you safe, out of trouble and able to defend your rights. The website link above leads to Ohio Bicycle Federation and to their page on Ohio bicycle laws.

Cycliq Fly12


I have been using the Fly12 for two years. It always records a great video and has a great battery life. With the light flashing, I usually get about fours of battery life. Up to seven hours when I do not use the light.

City of Cincinnati Bike Maps

City of Cincinnati Bike Maps
This is a page on the city of Cincinnati websites that provides maps for various bike trails and links to maps for safe bike routes around the city.

Wasson Way Trail

Madison Trail Head - Wasson Way Trail

I ride Wasson Way on almost a daily basis. It's a great new rail-trail that connects Hyde Park with Norwood-Evanston here in Cincinnati. The trail is intended for walkers, bicyclist and Runners as a means for exercise, getting outdoors and making the city more connected with out the use of a car.

Bobgear Ibex - One Tough Trailer

Bobgear Ibex

I have owned this trailer since 2008. It is one tough unit and well worth the $400 that I paid for it.

I originally purchased it for my trip to the Florida Everglades and other excursions, but I have used it for so much more. Recently during my move, I used it to move anything that wasn't to big to fit on it. Including my computer, clothing, camping gear and all of my cycling gear.

I have also used it in everyday needs. Such as weekly trips to the grocery store and the laundromat.

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